New Cookbook by Nettie Cronish Focuses on Fair-Trade Ingredients


TORONTO ― Author and teacher Nettie Cronish has parlayed her love of fair-trade products into a new cookbook called The Fair Trade Ingredient Cookbook. The book is the story of farmers and workers, of coffee roasters and chocolate lovers, sharing the desire for a better world.

Among the topics Cronish covers are: 

  • What is “Fair Trade”?
  • Why does Fair Trade matter?
  • What is the Fair-Trade situation in Canada?
  • How to identify Fair-Trade ingredients and where to buy Fair Trade ingredients
  • Which are some of the most popular Fair-Trade ingredients?
  • What Fair-Trade ingredients should you stock in your kitchen and why?
  • What is aquafaba? 
  • Are Fair-Trade ingredients more expensive? Does price matter?

According to Cronish, “I have wanted to write this cookbook for a very long time. As a past board member of Fairtrade Canada, I met many fair-trade licensees from across Canada (many from non-culinary circles) and producers who all embraced the goals of fair trade. Long-term, dependable contracts with buyers, sustainable environmental practices, workplace standards and democratic decision-making by the producers are a few of the fair-trade business practices I admire most. Meeting fair-trade producers from around the world and hearing about their journeys, from small-scale farmers to 100-plus cooperative members, was enlightening and educational. I want you to understand, appreciate, and value the importance of fair-trade relationships, and why farmers and workers in developing countries deserve a “fair deal.”

The Fair Trade Ingredient Cookbook features fair-trade ingredients from the four corners of the world. “My purpose is to convince you to buy fair-trade ingredients, and to look beyond the price tag.”

The cookbook is the fourth one written by Cronish. The others include Nettie’s Vegetarian Kitchen, New Vegetarian Basics and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Being Vegetarian in Canada. Cronish has also co–authored Everyday Flexitarian, Flex Appeal and Nourish – Whole Foods Recipes. 

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