New Free Webinar Addresses Restaurant Hiring Crisis


TORONTO — Foodservice and Hospitality magazine, in partnership with hospitality-leadership coach, speaker and entrepreneur Matt Rolfe, is offering a FREE webinar designed to help hospitality leaders and managers address staffing issues in their restaurants.

“The Hiring Crisis – Retaining, Attracting, and Developing Managers and Staff,” will share proven strategies that will allow operators to increase revenue, eliminate hiring headaches and save money by attracting and hiring more ideal candidates to support the growth of their restaurant or restaurant group, while reducing management and employee turnover. 

“As our industry re-builds and re-bounds from the pandemic, I have had the chance to speak to hundreds of operators and ask them what they anticipate to be their biggest challenge for their restaurant operation in 2022,” says Rolfe. “We continue to hear rising costs, continued risk of ongoing COVID restrictions, or further closures leading those responses by a long shot…  Operators are worried and concerned about their ability to hire and keep the staff required to provide their ideal guest experience while operating a profitable business.”

The one-hour webinar offers hiring solutions that can be implemented immediately and introduces tools to execute the strategy that is going to get your team the results you want and deserve in 2022. 

Access the free webinar here.

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