New Greek Olive Oils Hit Market


TORONTO — Olive oil has always been an integral part of the Mediterranean diet, but North American’s fascination with the “liquid gold” has been more recent. And, while several countries, including Italy, Spain, France and Greece produce an array of such products, the marketplace for olive oils has just become a bit more crowded with the recent introduction of two products from celebrity chef Christine Cushing.

The Greek-born chef and Food Network alumni recently introduced a Vibrant Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and relaunched her Bold Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Produced in her native Greece, the oils are made from koroneiki olives but are distinctively different as they express the flavours of their respective terroirs.

“These oils, like wines, have their own personalities,” says Cushing. The new organic Vibrant oil is from the coastal Peloponnese region of Mani on the mainland, while the Bold is produced with olives from the island of Crete, where Cushing’s mother is from.

Cushing personally selected her product after inspecting the groves, meeting the producers and tasting the oil. “There is so much of me in every one of my products. I go to a place, smell the air, taste the food they cook and learn about what they do. I have to be connected with a place so I can pass along my first-hand experiences through any product that bears my name,” she said.          

For information on where to buy the oils, click here.


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