New Partnerships Equip Ontario Wineries and Breweries to Produce Cannabis-Infused Beverages


TORONTO — A Toronto-based company developing cannabis-infused beverages is aligning with Ontario wineries and breweries keen to test new technologies.

Encouraged by a new agreement between Hill Street Beverage Co. and Vin First Innovative Packaging — a leading wine and mixed-beverage manufacturer and co-packer — industry executives are enthusiastic about future collaborations that would allow them to offer consumers alcohol-free wines and beers infused with cannabis extracts.

“We’re very interested in what this business could bring to the Niagara Region,” says Andrew Howard, Equity Wine Group CEO. “We’re excited to pursue the potential of this evolving industry; to be out in front of it, not chasing to catch up.”

Following Health Canada’s authorization of Hill Street as a licensed dealer, the company will use patented Lexaria Biosciences Corp. technology to produce cannabis-infused beverages at Vin First’s facilities. This positions Hill Street as one of the first Canadian companies to be able to bring cannabis-infused beverages to market.

“Hill Street now has the technology, packaging and necessary compliance support to make cannabis-infused beverages available to consumers,” says Hill Street CEO, Terry Donnelly. “Hill Street’s portfolio of brands will also be cannabis-infused and we’ll provide co-packing services for other wineries and breweries — as soon as edible forms of cannabis are legalized. Together with our new partners, we’re excited to bring such game-changing capabilities to Ontario.”

Hill Street recently appointed Cannabis Compliance Inc., the world’s largest cannabis consultancy, to ensure its compliance with anticipated federal legislation that will regulate the recreational use of cannabis in Canada.

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