New Pizza Concept to Open In Montreal


MONTREAL — Brigade Pizzeria Napolitaine, a “built-to-order” fast-casual pizza concept, is scheduled to open in downtown Montreal this month.

“We have worked on the concept for 18 months. We’re excited to open the first one in Montreal and plan to open more locations in the next few years across Quebec,” said Jean-Daniel Nadeau, president and CEO.

The pizzeria will serve personal 12″ pizzas built-to-order by the customer and baked in wood- burning ovens. More than 36 toppings will be available such as meatballs, wood-oven roasted meats and vegetables, and aged cheeses imported from Italy. Guests can also create their own salads and sandwiches or choose signature items from the menu.

The pizzeria concept is one of the first to open in Canada and follows the art of true Neapolitan pizza-making from Naples, Italy. Both owners are trained certified pizzaiolos by VPN, the official association that regulates authentic Neapolitan pizza-making.


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