New Toronto Business Delivers Bar-Style Pizza


TORONTO — Owner and founder Robert Frier of street-food vendor, Taste the Tornado, pivoted during the pandemic to launch The Bad Toss, Toronto’s newest frozen pizza delivery service.

Using fresh, local ingredients, the options change regularly and are influenced by Frier’s world travels. The Carnival Pizza, for example, features sliced in-house corn dogs, jalapeño-cheddar sauce, mozzarella, diced pickle and a side of friend jalapeños and onions.

“It took many months perfecting the recipes, production, setting a website up, finding delivery partners and more to get things going,” says Frier. “We wanted a tasty option to have in your freezer — something you can cook off when you want. We also made it more interactive by giving you some extra toppings on the side that you can add to amp up your experience. I joke with my friends and say this is the best frozen pizza you can pass off as your own.”

Currently, The Bad Toss deliveries are every Wednesday.

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