New York Fries Collaborates with Peterborough, Ont. Artist for NFT Draw


PETERBOROUGH, Ont. — New York Fries (NYF) has collaborated with Peterborough, Ont.-based illustrator, live-event artist and muralist, Jason Wilkins, to produce the brand’s latest Fry Society NFT (Non-Fungible Token) draw.

The piece, “Killer Curd,” is based on a retro image of NYF’s poutine cup and features Wilkins’ signature typographic and caricature style of bold lines and vibrant pops of colour. Killer Curd is the third NFT released by the brand, following “Pretty Fly for a Gold Fry” and “FreshFlex.”

Throughout the month of July, every Fry Society member who makes a purchase will have a chance to win this piece of digital media. NYF implemented NFT draws to foster appreciation and excitement among its fans.

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