New York Fries Opens First Central American Location


TORONTO — New York Fries has landed at the AltaPlaza Mall in Panama City.

This new location represents the Canadian chain’s 165th New York Fries location and its first in the Central American market.

“New York Fries has been very well received in other international markets, so opening in Central America was a logical step,” says Warren Price, EVP of New York Fries. “Panamanian social activities frequently revolve around food, including food courts. They are also very interested in American culture and are heavy consumers of North American brands, which makes New York Fries a natural fit.”

The Panama location is owned and operated as a division of Retail Food S.A. and features favourites from the Canadian menu, including Classic Fries, Butter Chicken Poutine, Classic Poutine, Works, Veggie Works, as well as local flavours such as Pulled Beef Poutine, Shawarma Works and all-beef hot dogs.

New York Fries, which was recently acquired by Cara Operations Limited, boasts 44 international units in markets such as China, the United Arab Emirates, Macau, Kurdistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and Oman.

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