No Bones About It


TORONTO – KFC Canada has announced it will be giving away a quarter of a million free boneless chicken fillets on Sunday, Nov. 1. Coinciding with Daylight Savings Time, after Canadians have turned back their clocks one hour, they will be able to take part in the national launch of KFC Canada’s new premium all-white meat, skinless, boneless chicken fillet. In what’s being billed as on of the largest product giveaways in its 57-year history, between 2 and 4 p.m. on November 1, every customer that enters a KFC store in Canada can try one sample of the new menu item.

“We are extremely excited about giving away a quarter of a million chicken fillets during our nationwide Chicken Fillet Giveaway,” said Steve Langford, president of Priszm Income Fund, one of the largest KFC Canada franchisees. “The new Boneless Chicken Fillet is so fantastic that we want thousands of Canadians to try it as soon as possible and for free.”

The boneless fillets are freshly prepared in-store using all-white meat, skinless chicken breast and are hand tossed in the Colonel’s secret recipe of 11 irresistible herbs and spices. The Boneless Chicken Fillets are also available at KFC locations across the country beginning today, October 19.



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