No KFC Double Down for You


TORONTO — KFC’s new Double Down sandwich has generated a lot of buzz since debuting stateside yesterday, but that doesn’t mean Canadians can expect to taste it here anytime soon, according to a Toronto Star report.

“It is not going to be launched in Canada,” a spokesman from KFC Canada was quoted in the Star as saying, of the sandwich, which consists of bacon, cheese and sauce wedged between two chicken filets. “KFC Canada is a very separate company” with the philosophy of “let them test it first and see how it is doing.”

According to the story, that isn’t necessarily bad news. The new item, which can be grilled or fried, may be receiving good customer reviews for its taste and low carb count (sans bun), but the fried version packs 540 calories, 32 grams of fat and a whopping — highly criticized — 1,380 milligrams of sodium.

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