No Oktoberfest Without Rational


LANDSBERG AM LECH On the 22nd of September, the Oktoberfest in Munich will open for the 179th time. Rational has been a partner to numerous beer tent companies for years. One of the companies that Rational has partnered with is “Pschorr Bräurosl”. Junior manager and chef Pascal Heide-Nigg reveals why the cooking appliances from the world market leader are an essential part of his Oktoberfest set-up.

“Pschorr Bräurosl” junior manager, Pascal Heide-Nigg, and his 50-strong team prepare no less than 10,000 meals on an average Oktoberfest day, helped by the SelfCookingCenter  whitefficiency from Rational. Whether it is knuckle of veal, duck, roast pork, or sauerbraten, Heide-Nigg uses the Rational appliances for 70 per cent of his dishes. There is tradition behind it – just like the menu itself.

“I can rely on Rational 100 per cent,” Heide-Nigg says. It is the eleventh time that he has been at the Oktoberfest. He has always worked with appliances from the technological leader because “during the 16 days that the Oktoberfest lasts, everything has to work just perfectly. Incredible amounts of food must be prepared within a very short time. The appliances from Rational have never once let me down,” the chef reports. “Do not change a system that already works.”

If a visitor at the other end of the enormous 6,500 capacity beer tent shouts “great food, great service, great atmosphere”, then the Heide family has achieved their objective. Despite the large quantities of food involved, quality and the wellbeing of each and every guest are their priorities. The SelfCookingCenter  whitefficiency from Rational is ideal here. It stands for consistently high quality – no matter how many dishes are being prepared at the same time or who is preparing them. Operation is simple and self-explanatory. The desired result is set by pressing the touchscreen and the chef only needs to deal with the food again once it is cooked.

Another feature that Pascal Heide-Nigg particularly likes is the efficient cleaning with CareControl. “Once work has finished for the day, I simply put a tab in the appliance and it cleans itself over night and looks like new the next day,” he explains.

When the appliances are not been cleaned, Heide-Nigg uses them for overnight roasting. He always prepares his duck dishes using this method. This gives him and his employees more time during the day for more important jobs in the kitchen. He is absolutely delighted with the quality: “With Rational, I get the most succulent roast result you can imagine,” rejoices the head chef.

Around 40 Rational appliances are in use at different locations around the Oktoberfest site. Rational is partner to most of the large catering companies from the Augustiner Festival Hall to the Wine Tent, including “Pschorr Bräurosl”.

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