Nova Scotia Celebrates Farm Day


Nova Scotia farmers welcomed visitors to their properties this past weekend (Sept. 21) in support of Open Farm Day. “This day provides a great opportunity for Nova Scotians to visit a local farm, talk to the farmer and better understand the importance of supporting our agricultural community by selecting local food products,” said Brooke Taylor, minister of Agriculture for the province, in a government press release. “Our agriculture sector provides consumers with safe, high-quality food. Farmers also work hard to reduce their impact on the environment by participating in the environmental farm plan program,” Taylor added, speaking of the province’s farms, which make more than $454 million in revenue annually. “Open Farm Day is one way we can show support for the farmers who feed us all.” Last year, almost 10,000 visitors toured 40 farms, and this year 10 more farms were involved in the event, which is supported by The Department of Agriculture, The Nova Scotia Agricultural Awareness Committee and Sobeys Inc.

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