Now Open: Koa Lua


MONTREAL — Montreal’s second poké restaurant, Koa Lua, recently opened its doors on Union Ave. The new restaurant is owned by Yann Levy — owner of Biiru and Escondite.

Koa Lua’s menu features eight different poké rice bowls, served with either raw tuna or salmon, priced from $10 to $12. The rice bowls include other Japanese and Hawaiian-inspired ingredients, such as passionfruit satay sauce, furikake seasoning and candied pineapple. Customers can also order spam musubi — a popular Hawaiian snack combining grilled spam with rice in a sushi-style wrap.

The new Union Ave. spot has a fast-food approach and only seats 20. Its decor is distinctly Hawaiian but abstains from the typical tiki-bar look. Levy promises more dishes will hit the menu in the near future — including a spam al pastor rice bowl, a teriyaki-kalua pork bowl and long-rice chicken soup.

1212 Union Ave., Montreal 

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