Now Open: LOV Toronto

Interior image by Patricia Brochu Photographe

TORONTO — Montreal-based LOV has opened its first location outside of Quebec on Toronto’s King Street West. 

The opening represents the fifth location for the brand, which offers a “fast-fine-dining” experience and focuses on fresh plant-based fare. Founder, Dominic Bujold and his team of executive chefs use a collaborative approach to create a conscious, nourishing experience in a spectacular setting.

The Toronto location features an airy atmosphere with plush seating, natural wood, copper and gold accents and a multitude of hanging plants, as well as a focal point made of recycled windows installed above and behind the bar.

The menu features a selection of starters, salads, burgers, bowls and signature dishes, such as Brussels sprouts in buffalo sauce ($9); mushroom-and-vegetable dumpling with almond-butter kimchi sauce ($14); and Gnocchi di Casa, featuring buckwheat-and-sweet-potato gnocchi in a hemp-basil pesto, topped with arugula and parmesan ($20). The location also offers an organic wine list and an array of original cocktails, alongside coffees, teas and unique lattes dubbed “LOV potions.”

“More and more people are looking to plant-based alternatives and with that, they feel they have to compromise on taste” says Bujold. “At LOV, we’re not telling you to eat this because it’s plant-based, we’re telling you to eat this because it’s a delicious, memorable meal that just so happens to tread lightly on the planet”.  

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