NPD: Home Brewing Is Impacting Coffeehouse Sales


TORONTO — More Canadians are opting to brew their own cup of java at home, using single-serve machines, rather than getting their fix at a coffeehouse, reports the NPD Group.

“People are still looking for ways to spend less and are really benefiting from the convenience and control of brewing at home,” said Robert Carter, executive director of Foodservice at the NPD Group.

“The more sophisticated single-serve devices get, the more appealing [it will become to make] the perfect cup at home.”

The research suggests over a quarter of Canadian coffee drinkers (27 per cent) are drinking coffee at home more than they did last year, and the same percentage states that they consume the beverage less when they are out.

Coffeehouses are not in danger yet as 14 per cent of Canadian coffee drinkers still consume coffee away from home. Brewed coffee out of home is most popular in the morning, with 60 per cent of Canadian coffee drinkers likely to buy a cup at this time. Out-of-home loyalty is strongest among 18- to 24-year-old consumers.

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