N.S. Fish Farm to Sell Province’s First Land-raised Salmon?


NOVA SCOTIA — A small fish farm in Nova Scotia is reportedly preparing to sell the province’s first land-raised salmon as early as next summer, reports CBC News.

Sustainable Blue is located on 55 acres of woodland in Centre Burlington, Hants County, N.S., close to the shore of the Avon Estuary.

It uses proprietary water treatment technology to clean, recycle and regulate 500 metric tonnes of water each hour. The fish swim in circles through clear saltwater kept at 15 degrees to recreate ideal ocean conditions.

The costs of raising fish in this platform are undisclosed, but the fish are growing quickly. “The technology platform has to provide a water quality environment, which supports the best possible growth rate, and it’s with the best possible growth rate that you can offset the costs of production,” said Kirk Havercroft, CEO of Sustainable Blue as quoted by CBC News. [CBC News]



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