N.S. Fourchu Lobster Enjoyed in New York


NEW YORK — A breed of lobster found along the coast of Fourchu, a village near Cape Breton Island, N.S., is making a splash in New York City.

“Fourchus are a very complex and flavourful luxury, without question, and the very best lobsters in the world,” said Dorothy Cann Hamilton, CEO and founder of the New York-based International Culinary Centre, who serves the lobster at L’Ecole, her centre’s restaurant.

“I am proud to be working hand-in-hand with local fishermen, who catch these lobsters safely and sustainably, to bring this exciting opportunity to New Yorkers.”

Several renowned New York chefs have or are planning to offer the lobsters at their restos, too, including Dan Barber of Blue Hill New York; Daniel Boulud of Daniel NYC; and Bar Boulud and April Bloomfield of the Spotted Pig, among others. “We are grateful to The International Culinary Centre for helping us bring Fourchu lobsters to our restaurants this summer,” says Barber. “We are known for our commitment to bringing the very best ingredients to our diners; this is a great opportunity to showcase such an exquisite specimen.”

Interestingly, in a Wall Street Journal story, chefs Dave Pasternack and Rebecca Charles, two New York restaurateurs who participated in a blind taste-test, prefer Maine lobster.

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