N.S. Launches Tidal Bay Appellation


HALIFAX — Tidal Bay, a new appellation Nova Scotia white wine that launched at the recent Atlantic Canada Wine Symposium in Halifax, will be available on NSLC shelves June 11.

Described as a fresh, crisp, off-dry, still, white wine, Tidal Bay’s production had to meet stringent standards on grape varietals as well as standards on the winemaking process itself. Tidal Bay is said to complement Nova Scotia’s seafood cuisine.

“European wine regions have long understood the importance of the development of wine appellations to highlight specific styles of wines. Nova Scotia’s passionate, artisan winemakers, along with our wine writers and educators, recognized the concept could be an important one for an emerging, new style of aromatic white wine in Nova Scotia,” says Peter Gamble, international wine industry consultant and lead consultant on the Tidal Bay project.

In a Chronicle Herald story, winemaker Jurg Stutz said the Tidal Bay appellation gives the provincial wine industry credibility. “It’s a fantastic idea — a great tool to promote the local industry, especially outside the province.”

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