N.S. Winery Celebrates Decade of Success


GRAND PRE, N.S. — Back in 1969, when the Domaine de Grand Pre winery first opened its doors in Nova Scotia, Canadian wines were hardly high regarded. Since then the winery has gone through many iterations, including a change in ownership in 1994, which heralded the company’s transformation into a serious winery. This coming weekend, on June 12, the winery celebrates 10 years of history under the tutelage of Hanspeter Stutz. During that time, it’s been described by many as the jewel of Nova Scotia wineries, ideally situated along Nova Scotia’s Evangeline Trail in the picturesque Annapolis Valley.

Stutz originally purchased the winery in 1994 and closed it for six years to allow for reconstruction from buildings to vineyards. New vines were planted, including Maréchal Foch, Léon Millot, New York Muscat and L’sAcadie Blanc. There are 70 acres of vineyards, although only 30 acres are planted, producing 6,000 cases of wine.

As part of the weekend celebration, the winery’s restaurant, Le Caveau, will welcome guest chef Dennis Johnston of Fid Resto who, together with restaurant chef Jason Lynch, will create a four-course locally sourced meal, priced at $52.

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