Nutrition Group Decries Media


DARTMOUTH, N.S. — Ocean Nutrition Canada has set out to rectify the media’s “misrepresentation” of data that suggests Omega-3 fatty acids have no positive effect on Alzheimer’s sufferers.

According to Ocean Nutrition Canada, media outlets incorrectly reported about a recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), which revealed that consuming the seafood-derived nutrient was ineffective at improving the cognitive abilities of disease sufferers. However, the study only measured the effect of DHA (algal oil), not Omega-3 EPA and DHA combined.

“It is disappointing to see inaccurate misrepresentation of the facts by the media,” said Robert Orr, chairman of Ocean Nutrition Canada. “As an example, many media outlets are leading with pictures of fish oil capsules and using inaccurate and attention-grabbing headlines such as “Fish Oil Ingredient Doesn’st Slow Alzheimer’s” when it is very clear the product used in the study was algal oil.”

Although the jury is still out on the effects of fish oils on the incurable disease, some studies have linked fish and fish-oil consumption to benefits for patients in the earliest stages of the Alzheimer’s.


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