Odd Burger to Open 40 New Ontario Locations


TORONTO — Odd Burger and Starke Investments have signed an area representative agreement for 40 new locations in Ontario over the next eight years. Starke Investments will oversee franchise sales to individual owners, store construction and provide support for franchises in its territory.

“Starke Investments is always looking for opportunities to position itself as a leader in sustainability and innovation and Odd Burger is, without a doubt, disrupting an industry where change is so desperately needed,” says Prashant Dalal, founder and CEO of Starke Investments. “We see tremendous potential with Odd Burger because they make plant-based food that appeals to the mass market by offering a menu made with simple ingredients, incredible flavour and at a competitive price point — this is not something that we have seen with any other plant-based restaurant brand.”

“Partnering with Starke Investments will allow Odd Burger to continue its rapid expansion across North America, while still providing an incredible level of service to our local franchisees in Ontario,” says James McInnes, co-founder and CEO of Odd Burger. “Starke Investments also brings fantastic industry knowledge to Odd Burger, as well as a valuable network of landlord relationships and prospective franchisees.”

In March 2022, Odd Burger signed an area representative agreement with Sai-Ganesh Enterprises to bring 36 locations to Alberta and British Columbia over the next seven years. In total, Odd Burger now has 92 locations operational or under area development agreements in Canada, making it one of the fastest growing vegan fast-food chains in the country. Currently, Odd Burger is seeking area representatives in the U.S. market as it prepares to launch its first set of locations outside Canada.

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