Olympic Food Gets Failing Grade?


VANCOUVER — Amid the positive buzz surrounding the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, comes this shocking report — some 147 Olympic food vendors failed spot inspections during the Games.

According to a lengthy report in The Vancouver Sun, 147 of the 424 food outlets serving the Olympic masses in Vancouver, Richmond, Cypress Mountain and Whistler failed to fully meet the health regulations of the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.

Of those 147 vendors, the inspection report noted that 56 (or 38 per cent) were said to be serving food that was “potentially hazardous,” which included missteps like failing to thaw food properly or keep it at the right temperature. The specified operations include, “temporary facilities serving the public, athletes, media, dignitaries, volunteers and other workers and can range from restaurant-style operations to smaller concessions and even beer vendors and hotdog stands.”

To read the entire story, click here.


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