Woman Found Dead at Georgia McDonald’s


POOLER, Georgia —  Earlier this week, one woman was found dead and 10 were reported ill after fumes were detected coming from the bathroom of a McDonald’s restaurant in Pooler, Georgia.

The fatality, an 80-year-old woman from Florida, was found, along with another woman, unconscious on the floor of the bathroom. Those sent to hospital included three firefighters affected by the fumes.

Pooler firefighters and a Savannah hazardous materials crew decontaminated the bathroom and 14 other employees and patrons. Hazmat teams were unable to detect anything toxic in the air. “There wasn’t anything left to test [after people were evacuated],” Wade Simmons, the Pooler fire chief, was quoted as saying by Savannahnow.com. The restaurant’s manager said people started getting sick hours after the bathroom was cleaned.

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