Ontario Declares State of Emergency in Response to Freedom Convoy “Sieges”


TORONTO — Last Friday, Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced a state of emergency in an effort to put an end to the “siege” in Ottawa and Windsor as the truck convoy protests continue to disrupt traffic and prevent the transport of goods across the Canadian border.

“Your right to make a political statement does not outweigh the rights of hundreds of thousands of workers to make a living,” said Ford during the press conference.

Speaking at Queen’s Park, Ford said he will “use legal authorities to urgently enact orders” to will protect international border crossings, as well as the 400-series highways, airports, bridges, ports and railways in the province.

Fines for non-compliances will be severe and carry a maximum penalty of $100,000 and up to a year imprisonment.

The protests in Ottawa have been going on for more than the two weeks, forcing city officials to declare a state of emergency as the city’s restaurants and hotels were forced to remain shuttered for safety reasons. The blockade in Windsor at the Ambassador Bridge began on Monday and has already resulted in significant supply-chain disruptions for many industries.

“What we’re seeing in Ottawa and at our border crossing in Windsor is no longer a protest,” said Ford. “With a protest, you peacefully make your point and you go back home. It’s time to end these occupations and it’s time to do so peacefully.”

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