Ontario Farmers Support Ukraine


GUELPH, Ont. — The Essex County Federation of Agriculture (ECFA) has committed $500 to the Canadian Red Cross Ukrainian Humanitarian Crisis Appeal and encouraged other federations across the province to do the same.

Currently, 19 county and regional federations have raised a combined $12,000. The Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) is matching donations up to $20,000. Donations are also being made to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

“We may have our challenges with weather or government policies or trade agreements, but at the end of the day, Ontario farmers aren’t faced with a situation where we are using our tractors to haul away the tanks of an invading military,” Leo Guillbeault, president of the ECFA. “While Ukrainians stand on the front lines fighting for freedom, the least we can do is show some support for those who have been displaced by this war.”

“The situation in Ukraine is horrific,” says Peggy Brekveld, president of OFA. “Millions of people have been forced to flee, and those who have stayed by their homes are putting their lives on the line. It is an unfathomable reality. Every little bit we can do helps.”

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