Ontario Flips Flops on the Double Down


TORONTO — The introduction of KFC’s Double Down sandwich has provincial politicians backtracking and debating the health implications of the controversial menu item, the Canadian Press reports.

It seems Ontario Health Promotion Minister Margarett Best hinted to reporters that the provincial government would review the bun-free fried (or grilled) chicken, bacon, cheese and sauce sandwich recently made available in Canada. However, shortly after her initial statement, she rescinded her suggestion.

According to the CP, The flip flop has led to debate amongst party leaders, with Progressive Conservative leader, Tim Hudak, saying he expected Premier Dalton McGuinty to attempt to ban the 540-calorie indulgence and NDP representatives saying they’d prefer the government require restaurants display the nutrition content of their foods more clearly. Some consumer advocates support government intervention, citing rising health-care costs as a reason to regulate food more thoroughly.

The double-down is available in Canada for a month-long trial period to gauge consumer response.

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