OpenTable Adds Restaurant Meal Delivery


TORONTO — OpenTable is building on the success of its relationship with Uber Eats in the U.S. by expanding to Canada to offer delivery at hundreds of Canadian restaurants on OpenTable’s newly updated iOS app. 

By adding delivery as an option, OpenTable provides a more comprehensive picture of dining choices in one place.

“Sometimes plans change or the weather doesn’t cooperate. Even if reservations need to be cancelled, diners can now still enjoy the meal they had planned from home,” says Joseph Essas, CTO, OpenTable. “Our goal is to make OpenTable thego-to app for all dining occasions. Adding delivery is an important next step.”

“While our diners love our restaurant experience, we understand they need options for when they want a night in,” says Nick Di Donato, president and CEO, Liberty Entertainment Group. “Delivery through OpenTable gives us the ability to serve diners, no matter where they are and how they want their meal.”

When searching for a restaurant or visiting a restaurant profile page on OpenTable’s iOS app, diners will see a “Get it delivered” button. Diners who choose delivery are then directed to Uber Eats to complete the transaction. At launch, Uber Eats will power delivery for nearly 700 restaurants across seven provinces in Canada on the OpenTable iOS app. Future features will include estimated delivery time and cost. 

“At Uber Eats, we’re always thinking about how to improve our customers’ and partners’ experiences,” says Jeremy Downs, director of Business Development, Uber Eats. “Being able to deliver meals from OpenTable’s restaurant partners helps expand the variety of menu options available.”

OpenTable also recently announced the launch of its redesigned iOS and Android app, which provides more relevant, personalized options to help expedite the decision-making process. The new home screen features dynamic, data-backed recommendations tailored to each diner based on past bookings, favourites and other insights to provide a personalized in-app experience. Diners can also vote a restaurant up or down to improve recommendations and make the app smarter over time. OpenTable’s app update is now available globally for all iOS and Android users in the App Store or Google Play.

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