Ottawa Considers Mandatory Food-Safety Course


OTTAWA — Ottawa Public Health is considering making the current voluntary food-safety certification mandatory for the city’s foodservice handlers, reports CBC News.

According to Sherry Beadle, Ottawa health department’s program manager of food safety, there isn’t a problem with the current system, but there is a need to ensure food safety is always top of mind.

“The difference with this certification program is it allows a greater in-depth look at food-handling practices. Training is always a good thing,” Beadle is quoted as saying by CBC News.

The city plans to consult with the food industry before presenting a report next year on the effectiveness of implementing a mandatory course. Eight of the province’s 36 health units currently require mandatory certification.

Current voluntary one-day food-safety certification in Ottawa costs $40 per person (plus tax) and includes the cost of a manual and certification examination.

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