Ottawa Looking Into Claims RBI isn’t Honouring Commitments to Canada

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OTTAWA — The federal government is taking a close look at claims that Restaurant Brands International (RBI) — parent company of Tim Hortons — is violating the terms the government laid out when RBI took over Tim Hortons.

According to a report in The Toronto Star, a spokesperson for Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains said the government is investigating concerns raised by a group of Tim Hortons franchisees that RBI is not upholding commitments made under the Investment Canada Act, which are outlined in a letter sent to Minister Bains by lawyers representing the Great White North Franchise Association (GWNFA) — an organization representing approximately half of all Canadian Tim Hortons franchisees.

The letter claims commitments including maintaining franchisee relationships, rent and royalty structure for five years, as well as existing employment levels at Tim Hortons franchises across Canada, have not been upheld.

A spokesman for Tim Hortons says the company has not been notified of any official inquiries.

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