Ottawa Waiving Patio Fees for Restaurants


OTTAWA — According to CBC News, The City of Ottawa has agreed to waive some patio fees to help restaurants re-open their outdoor spaces and allow for physical distancing. The city typically charges $14.15 per square metre per month from April to October and $4.55 the other five months of the year. In addition, applications for new patios within 90 metres of residential properties will cost $340 instead of $567, and the city is working on speeding up public consultations.

“We think it’s a significant way we, with limited resources, can help the restaurant industry,” says Mayor Jim Watson, as council approved his motion unanimously last week, adding many of the city’s restaurants are in danger of closing permanently after 10 weeks of mandated closures.

However, both moves hinge on the province allowing patios to reopen, Watson says.

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