Outback Steakhouse Launches Tech-Focused App


By Caitlyn Robison

TAMPA, Fla. — Outback Steakhouse, a division of Tampa-based Bloomin’ Brands, launched the first phase of its re-designed smartphone app on July 6, 2021. 

During the pandemic, the steakhouse brand tripled its off-premises dining by reacting quickly to focus on to-go orders. Prior to COVID-19, the company began developing phase-one of its app, which focused on online ordering and loyalty-account management. 

Currently, the app allows for a seamless ordering experience, fully integrated Bloomin’s Dine Rewards loyalty program, and service in the digital space. Soon to be released features will include enhanced curbside pickup with push messaging and order updates; improved modern menu viewing with easy add-ons; and menu suggestions based on prior customer orders. 

Led by Gail Seanor, VP of Digital with Bloomin’ Brands, formerly of TGIFridays and AOL/Time Warner, the goal was to provide its users with a customer-focused experience that considered the feedback received from the prior-dated version of the app. 

“We were very data focused, looking at qualitative and quantitative data, the primary usage areas, where the challenges were for our customers in the previous version and at the reviews and comments sent to our guest relations,” says Seanor. “Overall, the reception has been very positive, and people have talked quite a bit about the improved experience. Our imagery has improved and our order flow is more logical.”

“Internally we are very collaborative and cross functional,” says Seanor. “Various groups have input into what we need to do. We get a lot of good feedback that influences what we ultimately launch.” 

Looking towards the future for Outback Steakhouse, Seanor states: “The app isn’t the only change that we are working on — this was only the beginning. There will be more improvements in several areas outside of the app over the next year or so. We are very excited about the path we are on.”

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