Packaging for Delivery


Canadian foodservice operators are faced with so many purchasing decisions every day, it’s understandable that packaging for deliveries and takeout may not be top of mind. When it comes to keeping food fresh, hot and delicious for off-premise consumption, though, type and manner of packaging could make or break an operation’s delivery game.

With multiple options and price points for food packaging available (including environmentally friendly alternatives to the standard Styrofoam), it’s important to find something that suits both budget and the range of foods being prepared.

When it comes to physically packing food for delivery or takeout, there are a few simple rules to follow to ensure a restaurant-quality off-premise meal. For French fries and appetizers, marketing director of McCain Foods, Greg Boyer, says Styrofoam is one of the worst products to use.

“Ensuring you’re packaging the food properly is important to delivery success,” he says. “McCain Foodservice tested several delivery packages to determine the best options for packing French fries and appetizers.”

McCain’s pro-tips for French fries and appetizers include: using open-top containers (such as small paper bags) and placing them near the top of the delivery bag; inserting napkins in between French fry bags to help absorb steam; using vented packaging to release steam and preserve crispness; keeping hot and cold items separate; and sealing the delivery bag to help avoid possible tampering.   

If condiments are included in the order, it’s best to place them on the side of the bag and, just so there’s no confusion, Boyer says it’s always a good idea to use clear packaging whenever possible.

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