Paramount Opening Fully Automated Concept in Toronto

(via Facebook)

TORONTO — Paramount Fine Foods is launching Canada’s first fully automated restaurant — Box’d by Paramount Fine Foods.

The new concept is set to open at 4 King St. W. in Toronto this month and aims to revolutionize the way Torontonians order and pick-up food. Box’d features a simplified ordering process, so guests don’t spend time standing in line or waiting for their food to be prepared. Guests place their order in advance via a mobile app or through an in-store digital kiosk. Digital status boards within the restaurant update guests when their food is ready and lead them to their pickup location. Digital cubbies and shelves identify orders and create a streamlined experience.

“We’re excited to bring the Box’d experience to Toronto,” says Mohamad Fakih of Box’d by Paramount Fine Foods. “Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many Torontonians chose to cook their meals at home, but as the restrictions ease and more businesses open, people are looking forward to eating out. We understand people may still be a little wary of public places, so we’ve created a dining option that’s fast, efficient and safe.”

The concept’s creators consulted with chef Tomer Markovitz to build a menu featuring lunch and dinner selections, including vegan and vegetarian options. Each have sustainable packaging and express-menu options that are accessible in just a few quick and efficient taps.

Box’d will offer a multitude of fast, healthy options featuring traditional Middle-Eastern flavours and spices in new and exciting recipes created by Markovitz. The menu includes Paramount’s famous hummus, salads, Box’d hot dishes, oven-baked wraps and smoothies.

This new digital-restaurant concept ensures all meals are made fresh and quickly and, by trading front-of-house order-takers for more chefs and a concierge team, Box’d is able to make it easier for guests to get the healthy food they want, fast.

“The state-of-the-art technology used throughout Box’d will revolutionize and transform how consumers experience dining on-the-go and will help our guests feel safe,” says Markovitz. “With one chef per meal, all meals are sealed and delivered to sanitized, individual cubbies, which simplifies the process and keeps cleanliness and safety top of mind.”

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