P.E.I. Fishermen Contemplate Strike


CHARLOTTETOWN — Some P.E.I. fishermen are contemplating a strike to protest low lobster prices, CBC News reports.

According to the CBC, lobster fishermen currently receive $3.25 a pound for canners and $3.50 a pound for larger market lobsters, a dollar down from prices earlier this year. “At $3.25 a pound, I [have] to land 15,000 just to break even,” Shawn Ellsworth, a local fisherman, told the news outlet. “It’s not looking good.”

Fishermen recently met in Miminigash to discuss the issue. The P.E.I. Fishermen’s Association said the stress of not knowing how much a catch will sell for could be alleviated by a better negotiating system, so fishermen and buyers could agree on a price before the fall fishing season.

For more on the low lobster prices, visit cbc.ca.

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