P.E.I.’s Beloved Burger


PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND — Thirty-one Prince Edward Island restaurants are vying for the title of P.E.I.’s “Most Loved Burger” during a month-long campaign celebrating 100-per-cent island beef.

For the third consecutive year, P.E.I. locals will be voting for their favourite burger, rating their love of each sandwich. Restaurateurs are encouraged to create new signature dishes using island beef. Entries include The Ric Flair Donair, The Royal Bombay and The Big Kahuna. The promotion, tied to social media, encourages guests to “rate their love” online for each burger they’ve tasted.

Last year, 22 restaurants participated in the initiative and collectively, more than 90 burgers a day were sold — or one burger for every nine Islanders. The 2012 campaign used 7,835 lbs. of local beef, totalling more than $250,000 in burger sales.  

The promotion ends April 30th. Learn more at peiburgerlove.ca

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