Pepsi Introduces Eco-Friendly Cups


PURCHASE, N.Y. — The team at PepsiCo has responded to customer calls for more eco-friendly beverage packaging by introducing five recyclable and compostable cups for American foodservice.   

“The new cups are an advancement in technology but also in the way we communicate,” said Margery Schelling, CMO of PepsiCo Foodservice. “Customers increasingly are asking for environmental products that match changing needs, expectations and lifestyles. We want consumers to enjoy their favourite fountain beverages and feel good about the environmental impact of their purchases.”

The new offerings include fully recyclable clear plastic cups, including an rPET cup with 20-per-cent post‐consumer recycled content as well as compostable paper cups and wax cups made with plant‐based materials sourced from sustainably managed forests. Foodservice clients should choose the cup that fits their local community’s recycling and composting program. In fact, text on the packaging empowers consumers to visit for information on how to properly dispose of materials in their local communities.

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