Pete Bensen Retires After 20 Years With McDonald’s


OAK BROOK, Ill. — Pete Bensen, who served as McDonald’s Corporation’s chief administrative officer for 20 years, has retired.

“Throughout his career with McDonald’s, Pete has been a strategic partner, a tireless advocate and an influential contributor to our brand’s success,” says McDonald’s president and CEO, Steve Easterbrook. “We thank him for his steadfast leadership and his valuable expertise. We know Pete has looked forward to spending more time with his family and we wish them all the best.”

In the coming weeks, McDonald’s will announce additional organizational changes as a result of Bensen’s retirement.

“After two decades with McDonald’s, few things mean more to me than this brand, but one of those things is family. I’m proud of the work we’ve done here at McDonald’s and, in particular, over the past 20 months,” says Bensen. “I look forward to seeing the system go even further and becoming the modern and progressive burger company we all know McDonald’s will be.”

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