Pinnacle Awards Nomination

Any individual or company in the foodservice and hospitality industry (including fast-food operators, upscale independent restaurants, hoteliers and suppliers) that has made a significant contribution to the success of his/her company and the industry. Companies should also be actively involved in the community through outstanding contributions to charitable and community causes.

Applicants should demonstrate outstanding achievements and provide creativity and innovation in all aspects of the business. Individual candidates should stand out from the competition. In addition, Pinnacle Award applicants must be able to demonstrate a dedicated commitment to the well-being of the community at large. Our jury committee may require further details of the candida5e’s achievements and ask for specific reasons for the nominations.

Fill out the entry form and be sure to include any collateral material that you believe will add impact to your presentation. Entry forms should include a statement of approximately 100 words stating the reasons for your entry. The winners will be celebrated at the 35rd Annual Pinnacle Awards Luncheon on December 6, 2024.

Entry forms must be received by Kostuch Media Limited on Friday, June 28th, 2024.

Pinnacle Entry Form 2024

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Has the candidate (individual or company) made a significant impact on the industry? Has the company introduced foodservice management and operating techniques? Has the candidate introduced employee training programs or worked diligently to expand career opportunities. Has the candidate participated in foodservice and hospitality organizations? The size of the company does not factor in the decision of the judges.
Has the company’s sales and profits increased dramatically over the last year (please provide details) ? Has the individual or company introduced new products and or techniques over the course of the last year? Have there been any lasting contributions or recognition of outstanding service and dedication to the foodservice and hospitality industry? Has the company been responsible in moving the industry forward in any way? Does the company promote sound and innovative human resource practices? Please provide references.
Has the individual or company demonstrated strong leadership of his/her company and moved the industry forward in significant ways? Please specify and provide examples.
In the foodservice and hospitality industry, working with charitable organizations and community groups is paramount to success. Has the company contributed significantly to the community at large, including participation in civic, community, educational and other affairs. Describe a project, activity and involvement which demonstrates your commitment to the industry. Please list the monetary value or what has been contributed.
Please provide a 100-word statement (on a separate enclosure) explaining why the company or individual nominated is a worthy candidate for this honour.

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