Pita Pit Introduces the Chicken Shawarma to Its Signature Lineup


KINGSTON, Ont. — Pita Pit’s long-awaited chicken shawarma is now available as part of the QSR’s signature grilled-pita lineup. After months of testing and development, the new addition was added to the menu on Nov. 15.

“The launch of this pita has been a long time coming,” says Kevin Pressburger, president, Pita Pit Canada. “It not only adds an amazing new taste to our menu, but also opens the door to members of Canada’s growing halal community. There’s no doubt that this is an innovative step forward for the Pita Pit Canada brand.”

Pita Pit has partnered with halal-chicken supplier Mina Halal to ensure full conformity to halal standards, which means cooking the chicken separately in a microwave and storing it away from other proteins. Employees are also expected to change their gloves and cover white boards with a new sheet of wax paper before the preparation of each halal order to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination. Finally, customers may request vegetable toppings from under the counter instead of the ones already out on display.

“It’s rare for a major franchise concept like Pita Pit to partner with a vendor or supplier in such a detailed and specific way,” says Chris Fountain, CEO, Pita Pit Canada. “That dedication and willingness to go above and beyond just goes to show how seriously we take the authenticity of our tastes. We waited to launch this pita until we knew we got it exactly right, and the flavours our guests will experience now will be well worth the wait.”

The chicken-shawarma pita consists of dark-meat chicken, marinated in a blend of spices, drizzled with a choice of tzatziki sauce or hummus and paired with fresh toppings, such as romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, feta cheese and hot peppers.

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