Pita Pit Promotes 2017 Customizable Menu by ‘Refusing to Settle’

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KINGSTON, Ont. — Pita Pit Canada is promoting its Fresh Grilled, customizable menu of healthy choices as part of a new campaign that launches this week.

Across Canada, Pita Pit locations are asking Canadians to post their pledges to ‘Refuse to Settle’ for boring restaurants in one of two ways — either online, with the #RefuseToSettle hashtag or at Pita Pit locations by posting a decal on the restaurant’s Refuse to Settle wall. Each post enters participants into one of 50 chances to win a $500 Pita Pit gift card. Winners will be drawn weekly throughout the month of January.

“[In] 2017 [we] will mark a turning point in Canada’s QSR industry because it will mark the year that Canadians stop accepting bland veggies, soggy bread, microwaved meats and food that’s been sitting under a heat lamp as acceptable options,” says Kevin Pressburger, president of Pita Pit Canada. “At Pita Pit, our menu is made-to-order, so you know it’s fresh — because you watch it as it’s made. Our customers get exactly what they want, customized to their unique tastes.”

Pita Pit currently offers 10 varieties of pitas, all under 500 calories, combined with freshly grilled meats, vegetables and sauces.

“Every year we all make extreme and unrealistic healthy resolutions for the new year and then by February we’ve already tapped out and given up,” says Chris Fountain, CEO of Pita Pit Canada. “Being better shouldn’t be that stressful and it shouldn’t be a goal we have to accomplish on our own so 2017 will be the year that Canadians will demand more from their food and all restaurants should take notice. We want fresh ingredients, healthy choices and meals customized just the way we want them and we’ll Refuse to Settle for anything less.”

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