Pizza 73 Adds Sriracha-Infused and Gluten-Free Menu Items

Pizza 73's Sriracha Pizza

EDMONTON — Pizza 73 has launched three new Sriracha-infused menu items — Sriracha Chicken Pizza, Sriracha Chicken Wings and Sriracha Creamy Garlic Dipping Sauce.

“Our new Sriracha options definitely have bite,” says Pat Finelli, CMO for Pizza 73. “This new recipe is perfect for spice enthusiasts who like a sweet-and-spicy balanced flavour.”

Greek salad and gluten-free boneless wings have also been added to the company’s growing menu of side items. “Being able to offer gluten-free options is important to us,” says Finelli. “We understand the growing concern with gluten allergies and want to ensure that Pizza 73 is able to cater to everyone’s needs.”

When making gluten-free boneless wings, or any of the gluten-free menu items, Pizza 73 ensures procedures and controls are implemented to guarantee food safety and avoid cross-contamination.

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