Pizza 73 Launches Gluten-free Pizza


EDMONTON — Pizza 73, a West Coast-based pizza chain and subsidiary of Pizza Pizza, has introduced four gluten-free pizzas at its 72 locations in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

“We’re dedicated to offering a diverse menu selection to all customer groups,” said Pat Finelli, chief marketing officer for Pizza 73/Pizza Pizza.

“That includes people with celiac disease or related intolerance. A significant segment of the population has a sensitivity to gluten, and often an entire household has to change its eating habits to adapt to someone suffering from gluten intolerance.”

New 10” gluten-free pizzas, made using rice-based flour as the main ingredient, are available in Cheese, Pepperoni, Hawaiian (ham and pineapple) and Veggie (fresh mushrooms, green peppers, red onions and Roma tomatoes) pies, priced at $9.99 or $10.99 each.

To make a gluten-free claim, the company has implemented a series of procedures and controls to prevent product cross-contamination, including having specific utensils for the product and preparation surfaces, updating store staff training guides containing new product information, educational material about allergens as well as cooking and sanitizing procedures to ensure maximum food safety.

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