Pizza Chains’ Tech Innovation Receives Praise in Canada


CHICAGO — In Technomic’s recent Consumer Brand Metrics: Canadian Restaurants white paper, “Emerging Tech at Restaurants: Consumer Perceptions of Technology at Leading Chains,” consumers praise pizza chains for their adoption of technology.

More than four out of five consumers rate Panago Pizza, Pizza Delight and Domino’s as good or very good at integrating technology into the ordering process, based on their most recent ordering experience. Among the 44 restaurant brands Technomic tracks in Canada, pizza chains earn three of the top five spots for this attribute.

Despite similarities among the top-rated chains, pizza chains stand out for other advancements. For instance, Panago and Domino’s mobile applications allow customers to customize their orders and create their own pizzas. Domino’s has also integrated an order tracker into its online and mobile platforms, which allows consumers to see when their order is being made and sent out for delivery.

While pizza chains generally earn the highest praise from consumers in this area, two other chains also rank in the top five on their integration of technology into ordering — Swiss Chalet and Tim Hortons. Swiss Chalet’s online ordering platform is interactive and easy for consumers to order and pay for their meal, while Tim Hortons’ mobile application, TimmyMe, allows customers to pay and earn rewards by using their smartphone.

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