Pizza Corner’s King of Donair Set to Close


HALIFAX — It’s the end of an era for King of Donair, one of Halifax’s legendary restaurants, located on Pizza Corner. The company recently announced it plans to close its doors this spring after more than 20 years in business.

With the lease expiring in May 2012, Bassam Nahas, the pizzeria owner wound up in small claims court over compensation for renovations that he had funded.

Nahas told The Chronicle Herald that he contributed about $10,000 to upgrade the property, but discovered greater structural problems with the plumbing issues and subfloor.

Increased rental fees, and the changing market are also factors in the closing. “Pizza Corner has changed,” Nahas told The Chronicle Herald. “There’s more competition and the bar business isn’t as strong,” he said, explaining that he’s looking for another property in downtown Halifax that is in better condition. 

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