Pizza Hut Tests “Skinny Slices” in U.S. Markets

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Pizza Hut is testing a lower-calorie pizza option in two of its U.S. markets. The “Skinny Slice” — which has approximately 30-per-cent fewer calories than a regular slice — is made with a thinner crust and less cheese.

“It may be attractive to a customer who might not be including pizza in their regular choice of meals,” Doug Terfehr, Pizza Hut spokesman, is quoted as saying by USA Today. “We’re always trying to find ways to appeal to a broader audience without taking away what our core audience loves about us.”

In West Palm Beach, customers can pick from six pre-determined pizzas, each slice having 250 calories or less. In Toledo, customers can create their own Skinny Slice pizzas, with each slice having 300 calories or less.

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