Pizza Nova Introduces New Focaccia Product


TORONTO — On the heels of winning the Gold Award for Excellence in Franchising from the Canadian Franchise Association, Pizza Nova welcomed special guests and media to Toronto’s historic Wynchwood Barns to introduce its latest product offering — the Focaccia Barese.

A cross between pizza and bread, the product has been made famous by the people of Bari, a city in the Puglia region of Italy, since the 1800s. It marks the first time the Bari Consortium has granted exclusive rights to any company outside its region to produce its time-honoured product, which is an I.G.P. product, which stands for Protected Geographical Indication, a legal framework, similar to the DOP geographical designation that protects certain regional foods in Europe. “We are honoured to have been given the rights to produce this product,” said Sam Primucci, founder and CEO.

The recipe highlights precise ingredients of specific quality and traditional method of preparation, including extra-virgin olive oil from Puglia, oven-roasted black olives and Pachino-style tomatoes. “Puglia is the California of Italy, because it has the best of everything — spices, fruit, olive oils.”

Domenic Primucci, president, Pizza Nova, welcomed guests to the event, saying: “it’s a long-time coming. When we opened Pizza Nova in 1963, it was the early days of pizza in Toronto. Fourty-nine years later, pizza is a staple item for all dayparts.” Paraphrasing Vince Lombardi’s mantra: “winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing,” Primucci stressed that: “quality isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. We live and breathe it every day. Six or seven years ago we embarked on a new beginning for the company, we changed our logo and the design of our stores — we’ve done that with extreme success.” The new product offering represents the latest step in the continued evolution of the company. “We take this seriously and with great pride, because it complements our menu with another great quality product.” 

The new Focaccia Barese menu offering is now available at the company’s 125 stores.

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