Pizza Pizza Lands in Halifax


TORONTO — Following a recent Canada-wide expansion, with four new store openings in B.C., Regina and Winnipeg, Pizza Pizza has dropped anchor on its East Coast expansion with the opening of its first restaurant in downtown Halifax.

Located at 1735 Grafton Street, the new location is owned by Grafton Connor, a Halifax-based company that owns several bars and restaurants throughout Nova Scotia, including The Fishermen Restaurant & Grill, The Grafton Street Dinner Theatre and Cheers.

“We are excited to be the first Pizza Pizza location on the East Coast,” said Don Walker; Grafton Connor corporate chef. “My experience at the Pizza Pizza training centre in Toronto could not have been better. Our store is ready to deliver to the community, and we are lucky to be part of this growing family.” 

The new store, which seats 16 people and has standing room for about 20, will offer delivery through the phone number 480-1111 and online ordering, just like its other Canadian counterparts.

In addition to signature pizza products, the menu will feature many of the same food found at stores across the brand with the exception of its Halifax-style donairs made with grilled spicy beef and served on a warm pita with diced onions, tomatoes and donair sauce. What’s more, customers can also order donair pizza, made from Pizza Pizza’s classic dough, donair sauce, mozzarella cheese, donair-seasoned meat, red onions and sliced tomoatoes.

Photo courtesy of Pizza Pizza.

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