Pizza Pizza Shares New Findings from Valentine’s Day Survey

Couple sharing pizza and eating together happily

TORONTO — A survey commissioned by Pizza Pizza highlights whether couples’ prefer to go out or stay in on Valentine’s Day. According to the results, 47 per cent of Canadians prefer to stay in for a romantic evening at home, while 45 per cent would rather go out to enjoy dinner at a restaurant.

“Food and romance go hand in hand,” says Pat Finelli, chief Marketing officer at Pizza Pizza. “While everyone has their own preference on how to celebrate, our pizza shaped like a heart is a cheesy favourite among those who order in.”

Other notable findings from the survey include:

• 81 per cent of Canadians celebrate Valentine’s Day — 61 per cent of whom have a date and 32 per cent do not
• Quebec residents are significantly more likely to have fondue and other romantic foods, while the rest of Canadians prefer pizza, pasta, seafood and steak
• Quebecers are also more likely to have a date on Valentine’s Day
• 14 per cent of Canadians celebrating Valentine’s Day consider pizza a romantic food
• Of the Canadians staying home, 20 per cent will order in

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