Pizza Pizza Sponsors Singer Michael Ciufo


TORONTO — Michael Ciufo, a young Canadian performer, is enjoying a career boost from Pizza Pizza, who is backing him with a promotional campaign and sponsorship arrangement.

Ciufo, a classically-trained singer from Toronto, partnered with the quick-serve pizza company for a promotional push for his current tour.

“Michael’s mother and my parents are from the same town in Italy,” says Pat Finelli, chief marketing officer, Pizza Pizza. “I saw him at a backyard concert about seven years ago, and I thought, ‘my gosh — what a voice.’ Since then we’ve kept in touch, and today we’re happy to sponsor him.”

The national chain will also promote the up-and-coming performer by distributing 100,000 music download cards to walk-in customers, redeemable for his latest single “Perfect Gift.”

Finelli, whose company has a history of supporting the arts, says the initiative marks the first time Pizza Pizza has sponsored a local musician. “We’re testing the waters to see if it’s a good marketing campaign, and we’ll see if we grow the series from here.”

As presenting sponsor of Ciufo’s tour, Pizza Pizza invested $20,000 in the campaign. In return, the company will enjoy on-site visibility during upcoming shows in southern Ontario. To download music videos at Pizza Pizza’s microsite, visit

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