PizzaForno Launches Parking-Lot Pizza Pop-Up


TORONTO — PizzaForno has partnered with Target Park to launch a pizza pop-up in Toronto’s Entertainment District. For the next three months, the park will play host to a cutting-edge pizza-vending machine, which will serve fresh, hand-made, artisanal pizzas 24 hours a day.

“PizzaForno’s new pop-up location brings high-quality pizza directly to the people,” says Les Tomlin, co-founder and president of PFX Canada Inc. “PizzaForno is fuelling a ‘Pizzaruption’ across Canada and we’re thrilled to have forged a partnership with Target Park that allows us to thrive in one of Toronto’s most exciting communities.”

The PizzaForno vending machine — which can hold up to 70 pizzas — will offer a selection of six different 12-inch pizzas ranging from $11 to $14. By tapping the digital screen, customers can select from a variety of menu items, such as barbecue chicken, honey chèvre and chicken pesto. Customers pay by tapping their credit cards, debit cards or smartphone on the machine’s MONEX pay terminal and then a robotic arm will carry a pizza from the machine’s refrigerated section to the patented oven, where it will be baked in under three minutes. The pizza is then transferred to a box and emerges from a slot where customers can access it.

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